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The best things in life are not things at all: they are experiences, laughter, memories and the people we meet along the way.

What’s It All About?

We are all members of a family, a community, a network.  We seek to connect with others.

We are designed to work together, explore different pathways and work in co-operation to connect our ideas and values with others.  Mostly we seek connection with those who share our values, but sometimes we need the balance of those who see things differently and can challenge our thinking.

Today’s society allows us to connect in person, through groups and online.  We have more ways to connect socially, yet we, as individuals, are becoming increasingly isolated from each other for a variety of reasons.

Network Develop Succeed wants to bring you together with those that will inspire you, lift you up and support you, on your terms, on your timescales and according to your needs.

Services Offered

Network Develop Succeed offers online coaching and mentoring tailored to your needs by experienced business trainers who live and work remotely and understand the challenges that this presents.


Network Develop Succeed creates and delivers training tailored to your needs using online training and support platforms to help you take your business to the next level, on your terms, on your timescales and according to your needs.

Future Vision

Sam heads up Network Develop Succeed and works with a range of experienced people who thrive when connecting and supporting others.


Sam has an eye to the future and whilst she champions Lifelong Learning, has come to understand that life still goes on after retirement.  She has spent some time now working in the Third Sector with the senior community and uses her skills to ensure that they have access to a programme of activities that challenge and stretch them, connect them several times in the week to others socially while still allowing them their independence.

Her vision is to create funds through the core activities of Network Develop Succeed which can then be used to support her work of connecting the senior community to regular social activities and services that can support them on their terms and according to their needs.

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