I am an avid social media user and I review the new applications and platforms that come out almost daily, deciding which will work for me and which have little value in my life.

Recently, I heard about Messenger Bots for the first time and have started my research. What I found was fascinating!

In this short introduction, I am going to reference research carried out by trusted names in the Social Media world and by the end of reading this, you should have an idea of whether Messenger Bots are going to be great for you!

My first article is from Social Media Today. This is a site I have been using regularly to keep me updated with what’s hot in the world of Social Media. Their research on trends and platforms and their stats on usage are both mind-blowing and accurate. Take a look at Andrew Hutchinson’s report, published on 26th April, 2016. Here he lays out the future of technology as it was then known!

Social Media Today – How Bots work and Why it is Important to you

A few months after this, Meghan Keaney Anderson wrote a piece for Hubspot.com – another online marketing research company that I hold in high esteem. In this article, towards the end, she poses 3 questions that anyone thinking about a Messenger Bot should consider

  1. Do you have a clear use case?
  2. Is your audience on Facebook?
  3. Can you support inbound enquiries from Messenger?

Read Meghan’s full article (published on 7th June, 2016) here:

Hubspot – Facebook Bot Guide

So my interest has been piqued and now I’m looking for more up-to-date information to see how Messenger Bots have fared over the last year

Another favourite online site for me is Social Media Examiner – again, I use their research regularly in my Social Media training as I believe it is credible. So it was a natural step for me to seek out what Ana Gotter had to say on 7th March, 2017 about Bots in the social media world…

5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business

So it seems quite clear that Bots are here to stay – that we have probably been using them without necessarily realising it for a year or so and that if set up correctly, Bots can help us automate some the more mundane parts of our daily business.

I hope that this overview into What is a Bot has been useful to you and that you’ll pop back for more in the series soon.

Have a great day!!

Samantha Marshall

Samantha Marshall

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