Once you stop learning, you start dying

Sam has been training others since 1992

Sam Marshall Blue

Seeing others develop gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Trainers are not normally noted for their touchy-feely side.  They are often technically adept and can seem a little detached, or a little cold.  Some trainers have to teach to a script and this script may not be appropriate for everyone.

I take time to work individually with you, to understand how best to get the message over to you in a way that you understand.  This is a benefit of being a freelance trainer.

Another benefit is that I worked for decades with people from all walks of life and this means that if I can’t devise a training that speaks to you, I can connect you to someone else that can.

I am constantly developing my skills and knowledge to give you the best experience.

And I Love Learning & Training!

So, if you want to improve an existing skill, or try something new, why not chat with me and see how best to achieve that desire!