Sam Marshall

So what is networking to you?

Do you embrace it, dread it, or are you still trying to figure it out?

Sam Marshall
Sam Marshall

Why do people go networking?

What could networking do for you?

Sam Marshall

Networking means getting together in one place, or on one social platform and talking to each other.

When you go and meet your friends for a coffee and a catch-up, you are strengthening a relationship that you have worked on for a period of time. Networking is no different.


There are different types of network:

  • Business Networks are set up for companies to talk to each other and maybe work together
  • Social Networks are often seen on social media platforms and bring together groups of people with similar interests
  • Charities and Third Sector Organisations provide meeting places for the senior community, or specific interest groups where they can connect and meet friends


Network DevelopSucceed want to bring you together.

Who you are, what you do, where you are in life is irrelevant to us – we want to get neighbours to talk to each other.  We want neighbouring towns to share hints and tips. We want to bring a little lightheartedness to life.

We can link you to people who share your interests.  You can help each other to improve your knowledge, or share the knowledge that we teach you.

Most important is that we connect you and enable you to socialise in the way that suits you the best.

Here is a list of upcoming events:

7th December 2020
  • Wren monthly meeting

    7th December 2020  19:00 - 21:00
    MS Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre - Mid Argyll, Campbell St, Lochgilphead PA31 8JU, UK

    See more details