One miserable, wet February Monday morning, hubby and I were sat watching Homes Under the Hammer.  A retired gentleman had used his pension fund to purchase a run down 2 bed property, somewhere like Hull or Grimsby – he’d purchased it for around £38,000, carried out £5,000 of upgrades and sold it some 10 weeks later for £75,000.  I said “WoW, isn’t it amazing how much further your money goes north of Watford!”

“Yes,” replied Roo “Nothing up for sale in Dalavich is there?”


Now I feel I need to add some background to our story at this point.  Roo and I, at the time, lived in a 2 bedroom, semi-detached bungalow, with a large garden front and rear and to the side a small, mostly apple, orchard.  Our street was a cul-de-sac in the up and coming town of Kingsteignton, near Newton Abbot in Devon.  I had inherited the bungalow when my mum passed away in 2013 so we had no mortgage.  We were well known in certain circles down in Devon for a variety of reasons and had a good, close-knit circle of friends.  Roo worked for himself as a Handyman and his skills were always in demand and I chose to be a Network Marketer and spent my days chatting to people.

We have friends who have lived in Dalavich for the last 5 years.  They have a small accomodation complex in the remote village and both Roo and I love the area.

So I think that brings you up to speed with the situation, so let’s go back to the scene

“Yes,” replied Roo “Nothing up for sale in Dalavich is there?”

I tapped away on the keyboard and replied “hmmmm, the cottage you are thinking of has gone, but there is another house for sale…..take a look……”


And that is how our Scottish adventure started!!

We spoke to the estate agents who were selling the Dalavich house and arranged a viewing for a couple of weeks hence.  We spoke to Carol and booked an apartment to stay in and on Thursday 8th March, we headed off to Dalavich to see if your lives were going to change forever……

It was an uneventful, albeit long, journey.  We arrived on the Thursday evening and viewed the house on the Friday. It was amazing.  The master bedroom had an en-suite the same size, kitted out with the shower and a jacuzzi bath. Downstairs, there was a full length conservatory giving elevated views over the loch and to the mountains beyond.  This conservatory had been built to get the full benefit of the sun all day.  The garden stretched away down to the access road that gave way to the shoreline – the Piscean in me was instantly at home.

We spent about an hour looking round the place, feeling its vibe, deciding our future.  We were hooked – the next thing to do was get home and get our house marketed.


Now those of you who have sold a house before, know just what a difficult situation this is….Which agent to choose: online or high street,  what value is the property,  what is included in sale and what is not!  Well I’m fortunate to have friends all over the country who have expertise in these matters and who were only too happy to provide several recommendations for us to choose from.  So High Street Estate Agent chosen, their agent arrives and immediately starts making “suggestions” for how best to market the property.  We agreed to all he said, loved his rate and signed up the following day.

Our bungalow went on the market on 31st March, 2017 at a mutually agreed price and went under offer 15 days later, for 98% of the asking price.  Everyone was delighted.  I then called the Scottish Agent back to ask about the Dalavich property, to find out it had gone under offer just 2 days prior.  This was a blow – and now our Scottish dreams were in tatters…..what to do?  What to Do?


Roo was working away at that moment so we had a conversation and decided to see what else was out there – see if we could salvage something from situation.  We instructed our English Estate Agent to continue with the sale of our Devon property while we decided our next steps…….


Keep watching for the next installment – What Happened Next……

Samantha Marshall

Samantha Marshall

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